The New Fiat ICON 500©

Fiat ICON celebrates with C4C Arts

The FIAT ICON©, the Sound of an ICON,

The best in sustainable driving for ICONIC living. Be Proud

  • 10.25 ”radio with navigator
  • 16 ”burnished alloy wheels
  • Exclusive interiors in SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC

The New FIAT 500 marks the beginning of a new era. The icon of Italian style flaunts all its unmistakable design to once again inspire change towards a better future.

For technology, for fashion. Be proud


Celebrate the Summer of Soul this Summer with Questlove. A celebration of life, strength and unity.


For the ICONIC in the arts, fashion and design with our ICONIC Collection with selected designers. Excellence in design.

C4C Arts©

Creativity4Change Arts celebrates the icons of art, design, fashion, cinema, music and humanitarianism. 

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“To genuinely represent an opinion with the arts, design and fashion is a passion, a journey. It’s not just a trend.”

– Nancy Sikah, Editor, C4C Arts –

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