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“With the introduction of hybrid technology, the 500 and 500C’s intuitive TFT display has been updated to show all key battery information. This naturally includes the battery level, the energy flow (use and recovery) as well as suggesting the ideal gear to optimize efficiency..”

Special Editions

Norman Mailer/Bert Stern. Marilyn Monroe

Hardcover in a gift box

Limited Collector’s Edition signed by Bert Stern

14.4 x 17.3 in., 278 pages, Cat No: BMMNM-01

Excludes delivery

“A book of gargantuan propensities…

incalculable in impact…brilliant passages…

compulsively readable.”TIME Magazine

Limited Collector’s Edition signed by Bert Stern

Sensual, artistic, and cerebral, this volume pairs Norman Mailer’s classic book Marilyn with Bert Stern’s provocative “last sitting” portfolio to trace the complexity and the allure of an incomparable screen siren. An inspired synthesis of literature and art, this Limited Edition is a tribute to Monroe’s vulnerability, intelligence, and enduring charm.

to create a fitting tribute to the woman who, at the time of her death in 1962, was the world’s most famous, a symbol of glamour and eroticism for an entire generation. But though she was feted and adored by her public, her private life was that of a little girl lost, desperate to find love and security. 

This book, conceived by Lawrence Schiller, Mailer’s collaborator on five works, combines the author’s masterful text with Stern’s penetrating images of the 36-year-old Marilyn. Photographed for Vogue magazine over three days at the Bel-Air Hotel, Marilyn had never allowed such unfettered access. Six weeks later, mysteriously, she was dead. In this bold synthesis of literary classic and legendary portrait sitting, Mailer and Stern lift the veils of confusion surrounding Monroe—the woman, the star, the sex symbol—and offer profound insight into an iconic figure whose true personality remains an enigma even today.

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Lawrence Schiller. Marilyn & Me

Hardcover in a gift box, 11.4 x 15.6 in., 210 pages, Cat No: BMMLSCH-02

Limited Collector’s Edition signed by Laurence Schiller

Excludes delivery

The hair, the lips, the voice, the appeal, Marilyn Monroe epitomized an American fantasy of femininity and glamour, in the 1950s.

Once known as Norma Jeane Baker but forever remembered as Marilyn Monroe, Beginning her career as a pin-up model and awarded the title of Miss Cheesecake of 1951, Monroe’s ambitions sent her to Hollywood where she transformed into a successful actress, starring in classic films such as Gentlemen Prefer BlondesHow to Marry a MillionaireThe Seven Year Itch, The Prince and the ShowgirlSome Like it HotThe MisfitsNiagaraLet’s Make LoveSomething’s Got To Give, and River of No Return. But while she made her mark with movies and songs (like the unforgettable Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend and One Silver Dollar), it was her unconventional attitude that most impressed the public. Her Happy Birthday Mr. President performance for Kennedy at Madison Square Garden, and revealing clothing, as seen in the infamous subway grate scene cultivated an impression of an open (and available) sexuality in an age obsessed with morality.

The intimate story of a star before her fall and a young photographer on his way to the top. In this Collector’s Edition, Lawrence Schiller pairs his extraordinary Monroe portfolio with personal memories of Marilyn, told with tact, humor, and compassion.  The result is a real and unexpected portrait that captures the star in the midst of her final struggle.

Just months before her death, Marilyn Monroe gave a young photographer his big break, and this is his story.

Marilyn & Me is an intimate story of a legend before her fall and a young photographer on his way to the top. Schiller’s original text and photographs—over two thirds of which have never or rarely been published—take us back to that time, and to the surprising connection that allowed Marilyn to bond with a kid from Brooklyn, a kid with a lot of ambition but very little experience.

Marilyn and Me with Laurence Schiller

Monroe suffered a troubled personal life. She was unable to shake the “dumb blonde” stigma and felt the pressure of being a ultra feminine Hollywood ICON . As well as problems with addiction. These collection of books records her legacy; from Norman Mailer’s unflinching biography to Bert Stern’s infamous Last Sitting photographs.

In the weeks following her death Andy Warhol immortalized Monroe as a pop culture ICON in his lauded and heavily reproduced Marilyn Diptych.

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