Press Release

Evoking Hollywood ICONS

Publication date: December 2021

The ICONS Collection

The collection features pieces by eminent designers such as Moschino, Versace, Dior, Marc Jacobs, Valentino and others.

The collection is a homage to Hollywood ‘s film ICONS who featured in cinema classics from and included actresses from Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, James Garner and Grace Kelly. 

The ICONS and ICONIC Collection is a celebration of the arts in cinema and art, contemporary and classic, music and fashion. “We hope to offer classic and contemporary art pieces which are an expression of you and your favourite actor, actress and artist. Art can be appreciated but can also be an expression of society, yourself and others,” said Nancy Sikah, Editor, ICONS Magazine.

The ICONIC Collection

Elements of the ICONS have been used to debate and discuss society and issues that affect our everyday lives. Social issues have particularly affected the lives of many people in Europe. It has evolved to become a part of a significant collection for the arts and fashion, ” said Nancy. It’s been a leading feature on the Runway, at the Grammys, the Oscars, the Emmys and at the MET Ball from 2019 to 2021. It’s a form of expression for many designers to express their opinion and experiences from cities in Europe.

The ICONS are a momentous celebration of the arts. We can appreciate film, the visual arts, music and fashion. The ICONS Collection and ICONIC Collection can be found at stores for: Moschino, Versace, Dior, Marc Jacobs, and Valentino.

Disclaimer: We exclude the inclusion of animal prints and animals symbols in fashion. This includes references to Punk, Neo-Fascism, self-deprecation and of others, injury and the defamation of our art.

The ICONIC and the ICONS are the copyright of Creativity4Change Arts.

The Freedom Butterfly is the copyright of Creativity4Change Arts


Notes to the Editor

Nancy Sikah is an Entertainment Features Writer, the Founder of the ICONS for WB and the ICONS Magazine. The ICONS and her pop culture work has appeared on runway for Dior, Moschino, Versace, Valentino, Marc Jacobs and Tiffany’s.

In 2021, she has contributed to the characters in the HBO Original Series, The Flight Attendant, Search Party, Infinity Train, The Undoing and Gossip Girl. In 2022, she has contributed to the characters in cinema in Reminiscence, Parallel Mothers. 

She is also an Artist. She focuses on pop culture and in expressionism in the contemporary arts.

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