Press Release

Injured for Entertainment

Publication date: March 2022

An employee at WB has been injured because of an assailant for their assets in entertainment and fashion. the company, C4C Arts is affiliated and has collaborations in TV and charity.

C4C Arts aims to improve healthcare and environments for individuals and communities.

The Director, Nancy Sikah, at C4C Arts said, “There was no one to intervene to stop the assailant. The company refused and witnessed it for months without intervention. It was sick entertainment. It continued for over a year and it was used as the subject for their celebrities and executives to make programs from.” There was a ready-made scandal. She was introduced to actors and actresses with offences for different types of assault. She said they wanted publicity before the proceedings of their trial. It was an attempt to hide the name of the real person in their scandal. “I and my work was being exploited,” she said. They used descriptions and her appeal for their actors and actresses. they did not care about how it affected her. They also used her work without permission and her life was threatened.

Notes to the Editor

Nancy Sikah is an Entertainment Features Writer, the Founder of the ICONS for WB and the ICONS Magazine. The ICONS and her pop culture work has appeared on runway for Dior, Moschino, Versace, Valentino, Marc Jacobs and Tiffany’s.

In 2021, she has contributed to the characters in the HBO Original Series, The Flight Attendant, Search Party, Infinity Train, The Undoing and Gossip Girl. In 2022, she has contributed to the characters in cinema in Reminiscence, Parallel Mothers. 

She is also an Artist. She focuses on pop culture and in expressionism in the contemporary arts.

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