Press Release

Marilyn: The Era of an ICON

A reaction against inclusion and for segregation.

Publication date: September 2021

Marilyn’s ICON status is frequently mentioned by actors and actresses but is easily forgotten by a
new generation. The new re-emergence of a Marilyn ICON is about glamour and beauty being individually attainable.
The modern day symbol is the opposite of a segregationist value. Inclusivion Vs Exclusion, appreciation
for diversity and pride in being a woman.

The Female Appeal
The controversial change has caused some anger by segregationists who have used the female symbol of
a woman as a trophy white female status for women of different races to reach. It was an ideal for, a
female to conform. Now we have women who express their own ‘Marilyn symbolic status’. The
confidence to be themselves, to be admired by their supporters for their own beauty.
“They are so angry that I said that Marilyn was a ICON for everyone that they made it kitsch and sleazy.
What was the point of making it an ICON for embarrassment. There were references to Sado-Masochism.
It was an attempt to silence,” Nancy Sikah from Creativity4Change Arts stated.

Fashion Costumes: Marilyn Vs The Cowboy
Controversial costumes on the red carpet undermine the Marilyn symbol as a confident female. At the
MET Ball 2021, there were costumes from lingerie to vandalism. References to a Marilyn Playboy bunny
were outrageous considering the subtlety of the actress and era. Slander was a personal objection to a mixed- raced, minority woman who is Founder of the ICONS . Their sleaze was slanderous and over-
sexualized. “For what it was used for the purpose of inclusivity it was amazing that there was that much defamation towards me, when I was being abused. It moved some people to tears,” Nancy said. “The
slander was to argue for exploitation. It comes at a time when there is a threat of Nixon values, political
scandal and betrayal. There is no shame or regret. Very Aryan and for white purity, against me as a mixed- race woman.”

The Cowboy is a symbol of violence and rebellion. Recently, it’s been used by Far-Right Nationalists and Fascists to argue their opinion again immigration, reinforcing borders and capitalist values which they state are an American National value. This in addition to aggression towards women. There is the occupation of new land, and the domination of minority people. Recently, it is a reaction against the racial minority of Europe and immigration over 2018-2021. The significant change has been noticed. It’s in not having similar values towards human life, despite protests. Valuing human life is not a priority. Overreaction, personal contests and a comparison of living environments, wealth and social status dominate. A person’s race, sexual preference and forcefully changing their sexual orientation is now a concern. The current political environment is a expression of vulnerability and uncertainty for women, in an era of abuse and changing cultural environments.

An Expression of a Value
The modern day symbol of Marilyn recognizes the femininity of different women from different cultures.
The feminine is expressed as beauty and confidence but it should be without slander. It’s interesting
that the Cowboy symbol has never been blamed for the on-going threat and abuse of the feminine


Notes to Editors

Creativity4Change Arts
Nancy is a Features Writer and the Founder of the ICONS for Warner Bros. Her contribution has been
featured in music videos by Katy Perry, Cardi B, Drake and Beyonce. It has appeared on runway for Dior,
Moschino, Versace and Marc Jacobs.

She has contributed to the HBO Original Series The Flight Attendant, Search Party, Infinity Train, The
Undoing, Gossip Girl, Invisible Man in addition to others.
She is an Artist and Practitioner in the contemporary Arts. Director, Founder of the ICONS Collection and ICONIC Collection.

Interviews available from October and every month.

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