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The Act of Addiction

Publication date: May 2022

Recently there has been alot of news about the double lives of many actors and actresses. Do they have a have a fake persona?

Does wealth change reality? We presume that it does. It’s a sad story that some actors and actresses become convicted with offences for molestation, attempted murder, financial fraud and most recently killing contests.

Using someone’s or a peer’s public reputation for influence is stealing from someone. Credentials cannot be bought. Fake actors and actresses are living in a fake environment. The public and the industry doesn’t not prefer you. It’s surprising that there is this much over-confidence that actors and actresses can influence who is in and out of the industry. What leads them to use someone’s credentials? It’s a presumption to presume that their audience prefer them. A lot of people in the acting industry prefer them not to live in the real world.

We are real people, not a two level hierarchy where there actors and actresses are at the top.

Manipulating normal people during and after their conviction is usual they presume that their opinion is not important. Their manipulation is because of their addiction to publicity, drug and alcohol addiction and egotism. This is made worse because of egotism, financial debt and fame. Their offence affects the way that we perceive them. Some live contradictory lives, they are dangerous performers and outside of the TV studio.

We can be guaranteed that their manners and approach to acting will affect the popularity that they have.

“Many actors and actresses have a fake person” – C4C Arts

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Nancy Sikah is a Features Writer, the Founder of the ICONS for WB and the ICONS Magazine. The ICONS and her pop culture work has appeared on runway for Dior, Moschino, Versace, Valentino, Marc Jacobs and Tiffany’s.

In 2021, she has contributed to the characters in the HBO Original Series The Flight Attendant, Search Party, Infinity Train, The Undoing and Gossip Girl. In 2022, she has contributed to the characters in cinema in Reminiscence, Parallel Mothers.  

She is also an Artist. She focuses on pop culture and in expressionism in the contemporary arts. 

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Nancy Sikah

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